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GovernMail is an application by AcroVista Software which links people to government representatives around the world. The program features specialized sections for the US Senate and House. Users can view representative home pages or email Senate and House members from GovernMail's complete listings. The program also includes support for group emails by allowing users to select all representatives or representatives by party to email. Users can also store their contact information within GovernMail and add it to individual messages, so that representatives can reply. GovernMail also monitors the AcroVista Software website for updates to representative listings, and will download updates when available to make sure users always have the latest contacts.

GovernMail is the first government application also developed for users around the world. The program features a comprehensive listing of world parliaments and leaders from countries around the world. These listings include email addresses for world leaders so users can write to leaders of other countries to let their voice be heard.

GovernMail also includes a listing of multimedia sites to quickly access the latest political news. Users can quickly link to C-Span for live coverage of Senate and House proceeding or visit political sections of popular news sources such as CNN or USA Today.

GovernMail is a free advertiser supported program.


View listings of Senate and House members to email or visit their web sites.

Visit sites of famous world leaders.

Get the latest political new stories and live coverage.

Download GovernMail 1.22 (0.9 MB):

Download Sites:

US - All gvml122.exe
After downloading gvml122.exe, double-click on the file's icon to begin installation.

Minimum Requirements:
-Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher
-486 Processor / 16MB RAM
-SVGA video card (16 bit or higher resolution recommended)

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